Monday, December 10, 2012

Tap into the Amazing Truth; aka, "You don't know Jack"

(Nicolae Tesla, hard at work)

I truly believe we live in pre-set paradigms of our mind. We have been so programmed by the world around us, our tangible circumstances, our history, culture, suppositions, and genetic predisposition, that we are blind, so blind to the greater reality around us.  I want to try to touch on that, just a little bit. I want you who read this to be quiet…clear your mind…open it up…and focus. Don’t focus by thinking. Focus by studying to be quiet and clear your mind of presuppositions, circumstances, prejudices, distractions, and concerns. Blank…listen…it doesn’t matter…just open up your mind and let the truth pour in.  The Holy Spirit will pour Truth in. The reality that nobody bothers to see will become clear…if you focus…listen…wait patiently…don’t try to figure it out.  Set aside a significant period of time when it is quiet and there are no disturbances…perhaps in the morning.
Have you ever spent a long period of time just listening? Waiting and listening to the Truth? No man or woman on Earth can teach you like those moments of true, serious focus. No book you study can reveal this Truth. The Bible IS the Truth, but one still must allow the Holy Spirit to open it up so it is not just dead knowledge.  So…listen. Be open to what He teaches you. Don’t try to get God to conform to YOUR interpretation of the Scriptures. Don’t try to put Him in your puny little box. Rather, listen and be willing to totally change your paradigm when you learn your understanding of the Scriptures and Truth is terribly flawed.  Although the Bible is all Truth, not all Truth is in the Bible. God just  spoon fed enough information for us to inherit His Kingdom.
I learned very little in college that was of any use. I got a sheepskin out of it, anyway. My masters degree was a particularly horrendous waste of time, money, and effort.  However, I went to a Christian college and I did learn one profound thing there, which I will never forget.  I learned, “All Truth is God’s Truth”. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING that is good comes from anything OTHER than God. Is the devil capable of doing good? Kind of a no brainer, isn’t it? SO…
Thomas Edison said he used to grab ideas, “out of the air”.  He eschewed any idea that he was a great analytical thinker, and his formal education was all but nonexistent.  He was a very hard worker. He was renowned for his hard work, in fact. But, many other people have worked just a hard, or harder, over the years, and have been just as intelligent. Yet, they were no Thomas Edisons. They were often complete failures, in fact.  Unlike Edison, they did not reach to a power beyond themselves. Edison reached into the manifold wisdom of God himself. Was he a born again Christian? Heck, I don’t know. But, I DO know all truth is God’s truth, and any laws of physics, of human behavior, or medical breakthroughs are of God. Yes, they are of Jesus Himself. They have to be…if not God, then Satan, and we know Satan, being pure evil, is incapable of creating or doing anything good, whatsoever.
Nicolae Tesla, Francis Bacon, Leonardo DeVinci, many literary masters, statesmen, and self-made business superstars have reached  into a wisdom and knowledge above and beyond themselves. They were not all believers, but they tapped into the spiritual world. As a believer in Jesus Christ, we are capable of so much more than just wandering, or stumbling, into God’s Truth. We can wade into it freely and deliberately. We have the advantage of the “Helper”, the “Holy Spirit” of God.
I advise any serious minded person to come to Christ. Barring that, study to be quiet, open, and be a seeker of the truth. You will stumble into many great and wonderful things. In fact, don’t be surprised if things are revealed to you that completely ASTOUND you, because God’s truths are God’s truths, no matter who finds them. Besides, the Bible promises you WILL find Jesus Christ, if you seek truth with all your heart.                                                                                                     Jeremiah 29:13 – “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

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