Friday, May 6, 2011

Welcome to my blog

 My wife, Lydia, and I ride to work together nearly each morning.  During that time, she often speaks on the telephone with her sisters.  But, when she isn't, I share things I have been thinking about.  She is sort of my Freud. She just listens.  Anyway, I sometimes think of things with no apparent context, but in fact there is a reason. I am interested in many things, perhaps being eclectic to a fault.  I see things, which remind me of other things, that are interesting, that make me wonder why certain things are or are not.  I will share some of those as they occur here. Often, they are things that are in some way related to my faith, because that is who I am.  Yet, I also think about science, history, nature, people, animals, stupidity and genius, kindness and cruelty.  I think of all things in an overall context of my relationship to God, but when doing so, I like to turn things inside out and look at them from a different paradigm, and see how it really works.  If you are a pollyanish, hymn singin', legalistic type of Christian, at times you will not like what I write. If you think Christians are superstitious, you will think I am an ignoramus. I don't care.  This blog is my world...ha ha!  I have known bankers, visited a governor at his mansion,had lunch with congressmen, dinner at a billionaire's home, and toured the West Wing. I also know the guy who lives under the bridge her in Pittsburgh, and the janitor at my job, and frankly, I like them more.
   My first entry will be a little discussion of our universe, because it just plain fascinates me.  But first, a word about MTV. Why MTV, you ask? (assuming you do ask). When MTV was first "launched", I was a young lad, but I remember how revolutionary it television. It reminds my of the launch of my blog.  3....2....1....lift off. Music television is on the air.

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